Staged Reading to Youtube Series

August 27, 2022, Saturday , Seymour Performers Workshop

Beth, inspired by Staging Director Peter Read's commitment to the project, re-designed the Staged Reading concept by segmenting the mounting of the scenes into weekly showcases, captured on video. The result is an incubator project towards The iMPERFECT YouTube Series.

Crowdfund: How we Made it.

August 22,2022, Monday , Pozible Crowdfunding Platform

I described the campaign as "unnerving" and "nerve-wracking", not to mention, "difficult". But in the end, it felt like finally reaching the summit...

Audition Workshop with SPW

July 3, 2022, Sunday , Les Bell Pavilion our audition workshop started on time

Yesterday's Audition-workshop Highlights by Beth Mondragon-Williams , writer and co-director. So I was prepared to have only two, Instead I had seven participants in the Seymour audition-workshop! I was pleased.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Journeying from page to stage

A Staged Reading by Seymour Performers Workshop in Victoria, Australia on 27th of August 2022, the first completed version of the iMPERFECT Messiah libretto and score. With 270 pages libretto , 21 actors , Staging Director, Musical Director and video documentation a little help is needed to make this happen. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Staged Reading Performance

Seymour Performers Workshop is supporting the development iMPERFECT Messiah.

We’re seeking expressions of interest from performers interested in participating in an experimental workshop process to further develop this piece.

Music Composition Intensive

By April 2019, there were 15 songs that had not yet been finalised and notated for piano and voice....

Music Collaboration with Kasing Sining Theater Collective, Bohol

Kasing Sining is a dynamic and highly talented community of creatives based in Bohol, Philippines. Beth proposed a weekend music workshop...

Rehearsed Reading

A Rehearsed Reading of the iMPERFECT libretto (most current revision) was held on the stage of the Heritage Theatre in Gympie...

The Fugitive's Life - AIM Music Workshop

Sean, lead composer and arranger for iMPERFECT, facilitated a one-day workshop with students of the Australian Institute of Music, using two of his compositions for the Wives Scene (King David had 7 wives)...

First Table Reading

A cold reading of a theatre manuscript allows the writer to hear the book and lyrics before any staging is considered. ...