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Yesterday's Audition-workshop Highlights by Beth Mondragon-Williams , writer and co-director.

So I was prepared to have only two, Instead I had seven participants in the Seymour audition-workshop! I was pleased.

Nowadays, auditioning for a part in a theatre production feels like you are applying for a management position with some big corporation. You have to show all your best credentials and sell yourself hard - short of selling your soul. I didn't want any of that.

For an hour we had silly fun, using our bodies and our voices. Followed by some serious stuff - reading off two page excerpts from iMPERFECT. Promising!

By the second hour we were giggly and relaxed. That's when the singing "auditions" happened. Nothing intense. Some sang while reading lyrics from their phones connected to Bluetooth for the precious googled backing track. Some had music sheets. Some sang acapella. Some, quietly but frantically scrolled through their phones, looking unprepared, only to blow me away with Heaven on their Minds.

At the end of the day we had 6 members of the iMPERFECT ensemble and the perfect actor cast as one of the principals - King Sh'wul.

The end of the day felt fulfilling, productive, satisfying, blessed. Now we bunker down and get some serious casting done and rehearsals scheduled.

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